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August 05, 2009


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Andy Smith

I agree with the sentiments expressed about the record companies bleeding us in respect of the 'blacksummers'night' trilogy. I know it is true but I don't care, you know you have to spend the money. If you saw Maxwell's consummate performance on the BET Awards Michael Jackson tribute, you would understand the connection with the great soul masters. He is a man of that time and of our time.

renaissance costume

So finally its out.. finally! :D Modern RnB is crap.. freakin crap!


Nursing PJs

i agree to Andy Smith your right!!

I Need Money Desperately

I totally agree. This band kicks ass compared to the crappy over rated guns and roses.. :P

Free Porn

Now I'm not going to say Maxwell's music is's sooooo lame !

Get Your Ex Back

I don't really like Maxwell's music , but taking into account the crap music that is nowadays , it's quite alright.


that's true it's a really good album ! Thanks for sharing your's nice to see other persons with the same tastes :)


it's new stuff to me , but i can relate to those kinds of songs

Philippines Live Chat

I totally agree...maxwell rocks !!! and his new album is just...lovable ! :)

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