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December 02, 2008


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This isn't as bad as auto executives flying to D.C. on private corporate jets in order to ask for billions of dollars of cash. Dr. Pepper just needs to strike back: "We did our best, underestimated the millions of fans our brand has and are excited that we can interact with them and learn from this." Turn a negative into a positive without striking back at Axl.

Peter Kohan

I'll remind you many millions of UMG dollars went to record and promote Chinese Democracy. How many music industry jobs could have been bailed out if he delivered on the record 10 years ago, even five years ago. Five years ago they would have gone to retail to all chains and had a much wider distribution network to earn from. But it's 2008, and the landscape for music at retail is horrific. Axl couldn't get the album into Wal Mart unless he compromised on his creativity. And when you spend 10+ years perfecting a record I don't think compromise is on the table. So they already would have been down the #1 physical retailer to begin with anyway. Would Barnes & Noble or Borders have done well with the record? Not particularly. FYE? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! So you have Target and Best Buy to make real hay, and Best Buy is the more male-focused brand, better for GNR fan base.

I have a level of suspicion as to the sincerity of the whole GNR outrage thing, as if it's a giant ploy to make me thing GNR really cares about this. But then I think "Axl's been a reclusive millionaire musician who sticks his head up about as much as Puxatawney Phil for over a decade... and he was crazy even when he was GOOD"... so now I'm thinking he's gonna get real crazy on Dr. Pepper. And I just don't think Dr. Pepper wanted a protracted back-and-forth with Axl Rose to dominate their PR agency's time, especially as bowl season approaches with their heavy focus on college football sponsorships.

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