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August 17, 2008


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Anony Mous

I could fully see Hallmark bringing this idea to us in the early 90s in their card stores for a very niche audience. But to approach this as a viable money maker for the music biz in this decade seems absurd. It almost seems as though it has to be a joke submission during a brainstorming session.

Peter Kohan

Dear Anony Mous:

given the level of desperation and gallows humor operating at major labels these days it could be either: a desperate grasp for any opportunity, OR an urban myth. But since I know the people relaying the story I'll go with desperate grasp.


This sounds real, just for the fact that checkbooks are completely out of date, just like the people who run the music industry. In 1990, this would be much more relevant. Not in 2008.

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