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April 25, 2008


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Kate Bradley

Agreed. The whole Starbucks debacle is frankly, rather amazing. They had a great model. And they did countless things to screw it up. I don't mean to pimp my blog but I thought you would want to read this, part of which is a satellite-radio-insider's take on the demise of Hear Music, the channel:


At one time, Hear Music was a chain of music stores selling CD's similar to what Starbucks was playing. If they are now gone as a company (the store chain is long gone), then this is indeed a sad day. Yes they could have been a bit more bleeding edge (and cheaper pricing-wise) for their releases, but it was a decent musical niche for those without satellite radio (and the roughly 50 songs that are always in rotation on each of the channels, or so it seems).

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